Lumex Graphic LCD 128×64 (S12864GSF) + AVR (Atmega32)

I recently bought 2 LCD from jckrers ebay store. I have a good idea for this stuff, but first I need to run several tests. This LCD are fine and use the common KS108 controller.

My first thought was to use the avrlib, so I wired the LCD and started to use avrlib, but I quickly run into issues. In fact, I want to use some icons on, and the avrlib seems to be buggy.

After a little compile/test/run/compile, I remember an old post on a website about KS108 chips. I find it back, it’s on the science prog

This is really great, you can build some custom fonts easily (that’s exactly what i’m looking for)..

Here a couple of pics…

As you can see, I use a ATMega32 (on a futurelec card), a simple pot for the contrast, and the lumex.

I can use a mix of different fonts on the same screen.

And I can even display some pics too :)

Here the famous tux.

I still have to deal with menu and other stuff, this should be a little harder than expected, but will be nice. If somebody know a good library to use on a T6963C, please post a comment..

For users who wants high res pics, you can find them in my gallery (as usual).

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9 thoughts on “Lumex Graphic LCD 128×64 (S12864GSF) + AVR (Atmega32)

  1. Hi,
    If you are on linux you have just to use the lcd4linux program but if you are running Windows you can use a standard library in delphi or like polinLCD or another program like graphlcd.
    Try this url :

    I used a 320×240 datavision lcd based on a t6963c that work fine ^^

    Sorry for my bad english ;)

  2. lcd4linux is a program for linux (which looks great), but I’m looking for a lib to work on a AVR device. That’s it ..

    I have a big datavision LCD too, and lcd4linux only use parallel port but something with a USB bus would be fine.

    Could you send me some pics of your LCD ?


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