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During the last rescue of this website, I ran into issue. In fact my old blog engine (Alinea) was buggy due to a lot of changes in SQLObject, Webware and docutils. I was sick to patch this days after days to maintain this. I decided to switch to a plain-old-fashin php install.

Thanks to AlineaObject lib, it doesn’t take me too much time, to do the job. I still need to fix some stuff (mainly the rewrite rules), but this look fine. I switched to WordPress. Of course I lost a lot of functionalities of my initial setup, like the Anti-SPAM feature or the ZPT template engine, but right now I get some more stuff.

I already switched 2 times before (Moveable Type, Alinea ..)

The migration works lilke a charm right now, feel free to post if you have some issues.

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3 thoughts on “Switch to wordpress

  1. I need to apologize for the place of some ads, in fact I don’t know how to place ads in wordpress loop. So they are a bit intrusive right now.

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