My New Cheap GSM / Voip wifi Phone (Twin v2)

Everybody have a mobile phone right now, and me too :) I just bought a nice little phone from my DSL provider. They offer a good deal for new users like me: Free phone when you call wired phone (or SIP) thought a Wifi connection, and pay at normal rate when you use the GSM bands. That’s fine for me cause, I just want to use a little, and the phone itself cost only 50Euros !!

The phone itself is pretty nice, use Linux (yes !! kernel 2.6.10 inside ) and can be hacked:

You can use it to surf quite well. Opera does a really good job, and you can even watch TV for free.. This phone is a good piece of stuff for the price.

Hum, I ‘m guessing you will see some new post about Asterisk or other fun stuff here soon ;)

/Enjoy VoIP

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11 thoughts on “My New Cheap GSM / Voip wifi Phone (Twin v2)

  1. Is it possible for people in other country to buy one without subscribing to the service? If so, how? Thanks a lot for any information.

  2. Hum, you don’t have to be a DSL subscriber to order the phone, but you need to subscribe for the GSM line (even if you pay only for what you use) .. Anyway you could unsubscribe as soon as you want, or simply use another SIM card in.

    But I don’t think, they will sell them outside of France.

  3. i can provide you this voip phone,and you can choose any voip provider .beside this i also can provide you many other different model voip phone, i can do whole sale and retail for this new GSM+WIFI + VOIP cellphone. if anybody interesting about this, please contact me at

  4. What is the name of the company of this Twin v2 GSM/Voip wifi Phone, I have a provider in the Caribbean and would like to offer this service to my clients also but I do not know this phone/brand. Could you help me out with the brand and/or the comapny selling them? you can contact me at, thanks in advance…

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