Homemade Omnidirectionnal Wifi Antenna

Once again, i tested several wireless design.

The spider

The spider is a simple to do (really), quarter wave omni-directional antenna. The cost: a female N :) Beside this antenna doesn’t have any gain, it prove to be really usefull, mainly for wardriving because it’s small, and offer really better performance than the default PCMCIA builtins (because it’s a omni and this is very good for out-door use)


French reader can read the complete story of this spider. Original design can be found here. Another trick, i don’t use a 32 mn line but 0.95 * 32 ~ 30 mn

The 6db one

This one require a little more job. The design came from gumph website. In fact the main issue with this one is to cut the parts at the good size. I made a 8 parts one, and give me ~ 6db. I will add 4 others soon. More infos can be found here


The full photo album is on the Brest Wireless photo gallery.

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2 thoughts on “Homemade Omnidirectionnal Wifi Antenna

  1. questions if you don’t mind.
    is there a homemade design for a wifi full wave antenna? thought it would produce more db gain.

    can we adopt a microwave oven to boost a wifi signal?

    thank you.
    would like sooo much to hear from you.

  2. Hum, I don’t really understand: full wave antenna (you mean a antenna with a lambda ? if that a full wave √† 2.4Ghz is about ~ 12cm so some antenna do this. )

    For the oven, i hope nobody will do something like this, you want to burn some brains ? ,)

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