Sodium sucks / I still perfer Neon signs !

I’m currently a bit off of my desk right now, cause I need to study for a english test. But, while wasting some time, I came thought some mailing list posts.. and found a really interesting collections of light bulbs..

This stuffs are really nice, you can find the whole collection on the antique light bulbcollector.

This remind me a bit the mad scientist light.

I know a little shop here in my town, that sells this kind of light bulbs (the Neon ones). The mad scientist bulbs doesn’t exist here in France, I’m unable to find one.

Ok, now I know where I should go for my next free time.

Enjoy light of the town ?

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4 thoughts on “Sodium sucks / I still perfer Neon signs !

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  2. A year later and I still get a ton of hits from this blog post – amazing. Glad you liked! Let me know if I can help you locate any of those “mad scientist” bulbs. Shouldn’t be all that difficult to find…

  3. Thanks for the post kilokat :)

    I’m really happy if I send you a “ton of hits”, your website is great and that’s the point.

    For the “mad scientist” bulbs, Loewe is ok to send this items to France directly, that’s fine, except the price.. the bulbs doesn’t cost a lot, but the shipping is really high ..


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