SQLObject and ZPT

After looking at several way to build custom webapps in python, i tested several things :

  • Zope alone
  • Zope + CMF
  • Plone
  • Webware + Cheetah or PSP
  • Webware + Modeling + ZPT ..

And my conclusions right now is: SQLObject is really a kool SQL Api since you can use it very easily. For the template i really think that ZPT is the best one. Despite XML parsing is really slow, and ZPT performance isn’t really good, you can edit the template without too much pain.

Another great thing, is that i can use this tools in Webware (of course) but in a simple python (mod_python for example) CGI. And SQLObject really feat nicely w/ webware, because it’s thread safe. (I discover severals troubles in Modeling w/ thread)

The next step is to find a good way to build ‘slots’, to have a cross site layout. ZPTPage doesn’t support all METAL tags (macros..) so this isn’t done by default .. and calling a lot of ‘structure’ include is a bad way because this will call the ‘slot’ rendering too much times.

The main key is : Keep it simple.

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