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I spent a part of the day hacking reST and Alinéa and i’m in a issue. In fact i usually write a lot of things like tutorials, FAQ and tips lying around, so i decide to put this in my blog because i don’t want to have too much trouble writing stuff at 10 different place.

So i have been hacking a Zope system which is a bit like a CMS and a bit at a blog, but this is not so easy because blog is (by definition) not hierarchical as opposite of CMS.

Despite i managed to do several good things i need to fix this:

  • ZODB is hard to tailor ( using session,aq_x and other things really sux )
  • Having to rewrite all things like cut/paste/ .. take care about urls etc etc is awfull
  • Having to test and test again this so crappy ..

I’m a bit confuse tonight since a lot of work have be done, but now I’m wondering how i will use it without emacs, and need a lot to do again.

I really think that this kind of system should be easy to use, and pybloxmon seems to be fine cause we can use simple tools. but the main lack is that you can’t easily organise it.. for example finding the right stuff on a lot python website is awfull.

Right now it got a lot of questions in my head:

  • Why should i use Zope over Webware (despite i pretty like Webware) ?
  • Why should i fight with ZODB instead of a good old fashion filesystem or db server ?

And guess what i won’t use Plone :)

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2 thoughts on “Blog vs CMS

  1. You should be sure to look at some of the Emacs wiki editing tools.  There’s a local wiki editor, which isn’t what you’re looking for, but there’s also some web-based editors (basically they just do a little screen scraping, not anything fancy like DAV).

    And what about MoinMoin?

  2. Yes, but i think this isn’t a good approach, perhaps something using FTP or WebDAV support in Zope is the best way. Perhaps i should use Tramp, but it is not really helpfull in this case.

    Another trick, is that use a Wiki isn’t pretty good to since because it’s not time related..

    Take for example your Weblog, Ian, there is some really pretty good posts in, but as it isn’t well ‘sorted’, finding something without google is quite impossible. And I don’t want to miss this knowlegde only because the post are weblog post and not CMS articles..

    (oh my god .. my english is awfull !!)

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