Howto install KDE4 on a Ubuntu 8.10 (or 8.04)

Today, it’s the time to switch to the next Ubuntu version. One interesting stuff in the latest distro, is the KDE4, but by default you still get a 3.5.9 revision..

Here a little tips to switch easily:

First uninstall the previous version

sudo apt-get remove --purge kdebase-bin-kde3
sudo apt-get autoremove --purge

Install KDE4

sudo apt-get install kde4

As you can see, this is not really hard. The trick is to remove the old version cleanly.

Enjoy ?

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13 thoughts on “Howto install KDE4 on a Ubuntu 8.10 (or 8.04)

  1. Yes of course, but I’m mainstream guy you know :) ..

    To be clear, why bothering with (K|X)Ubuntu when you can have quite the same with a single APT ?


  2. This help me a lot I am still new to Linux so finding a easy n clean way to upgrade KDE was a big Help thank you.

  3. - But, can I still keep kde 3.5.9 and install kde 4 ? So I can switch between kde 3.5.9 and 4.0.3 ?

  4. I’m not totally sure, in fact running both give me some errors, but perhaps it’s my config.

  5. I have installed Kubuntu 8.10. It has KDE 4 on there by default. The old Kubuntu 8.04 has KDE 3.5.9 as the default. While the KDE project people are working on KDE 4 they also came out with a new version of KDE 3. The version KDE 3.5.10 . My question is: Is it possible to install the regular gnome Ubuntu 8.10 and then add KDE 3.5.10 so that you could choose between gnome and KDE 3.5.10 at the login screen? If so, how do I do it?


  6. @ Andreas I don’t know about choosing between them at the login screen, but it is possible to get KDE via the command.

    sudo apt-get install kde-core

    After the initial download Ubuntu will tell you to choose the default desktop manager, at which point you can choose KDE.

  7. RE: After booting to the log screen it does allow for you to choose the session type so, yes it will let you choose.

  8. ummm…
    Running intrepid 8.10

    kurse@kurse-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install kde4
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Couldn’t find package kde4
    kurse@kurse-desktop:~$ you’re an idiot

  9. You’re not idiot .. between this post and the final 8.10 release, Ubuntu changed their mind.. so yes this doesn’t work anymore ;)

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