Lot of DIY stuffs to do, so litte time, and waiting for holidays

Ok, my english exam is over .. waiting for the final result

I had a lot of stuffs on the way right now, so I hope to have the time to finish them before going on holidays here a little list:

  • A subwoofer (with a big 12″ woofer that goes damn low !
  • A subwoofer amp, this is the most hardest part, cause I need to build a mixer, a bandwith filter, and something like a 100W amp.
  • Finish a little test with my AVR32 (more to come on this way soon)
  • Repair my current HIFI system (restore some HP, even if I bought a low cost one to wait)
  • Start my new tube amp (sitll waiting for some big inductors ..)

So, I think i will be busy on my holidays :)

Perhaps, I will re-do this website design too, cause I want re-order some stuff, change the color scheme (cause borring right now) …

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