Howto listen mp3 in the bathroom ?

I was looking for a simple way to listen some good music while I’m not in my living room (hum, I’m mean in the bathroom). There is a lot of small MP3 players right now, the only issue is that most of them cost a lot of money if you want to put a great amount of mp3 on..

Another way, perhaps look at wifi powered mp3 player like the one made by Roku. But you know, this cost a little money (around 200$), just a bit too much for the bathroom ;)

So, I decided to look at FM transmitters, but I read on most websites that they don’t perform really well. Ok, let’s go for a DIY way, after a little search on eBay, I found a small (really small) FM transmitter pair for 15$ from Sure Electronics.

Hum, let’s give it a try:

  • plug a 12v PSU
  • solder a long (70cm) wire antenna
  • solder a stereo jack (and plug it to the soundcard output)

And this little stuff, is really working great !! I haven’t test the range right now, I have a clear listen all around my home.

/Enjoy Neighborhood

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4 thoughts on “Howto listen mp3 in the bathroom ?

  1. Really funny.

    Despite this post talk about FM Transmitters like the one sold for IPods (search for Itrip for example), Google still put some ads about something totally different. And if I remove the word "Ante**a" for the post, it display the right ads.

  2. Salut,

    Je ne connaissait pas la boutique "Sure Electronics".
    Ayant des prix très alechants j’aimerais y faire quelques commandes.

    Recommandes-tu cette boutique? (delais, qualité de la marchandise..?)

  3. Yeah this seller is really serious, shipping is a bit long since it’s come from China.

    Please, keep on English if the original post is in english.

  4. hi have you tested the range fm transmitter ime looking to buy one and have you got an Picture of the back of the transmitter if so it will help me out big time.

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