Buy on eBay ? (Led and LC Meter)

Ok, like a lot of people in the DIY world, I used to look on eBay . Today I bought some really nice high power led

I hope I will have better success than my previous buy. In fact, I bought a LC Meter from PalmElectronics on their eBay Webstore. Fine .. except that 2 days after eBay delete their account, because of fraud. And guess what, I never receive a mail, or anything. Of course they already have my money :(

After sending a mail to the eBay, the answer is really strange.. you have to wait (60 days) to open a action through PayPal.. Ok fine.

Moral: Never buy stuff from some untrusted seller.. to avoid to get it in ass :(

Update: I received all my ebay stuffs.. even PalmElectronics send my LC-Meter that pretty kool no ;) I can now start to build my MoodLamp ;)

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