Howto to patch a wireless card to add a connector

I spend a little time to write an article on the Brest Wireless website about various hack to add a connector to a PCMCIA, or USB card.

You can find it out here


a USB one:

– Enjoy :)

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One thought on “Howto to patch a wireless card to add a connector

  1. hi,
    Great site!!!!
    I soldered the realtec 8187b usb to the antenna element directly no cable to it I used a long 9ft. usb cable.
    don’t know the gain and all but realtec wireless signal gain is at 65 to 95 and link is maxxed out at 100,this does vary when in use but it works good for 40 us. I did try the 2 squares and a 4 squares at 31.5. I used a very short piece of copper wire to
    connect the element to the card,You have any good ideas for this set up I would like to know! AND thanks for your time on a GREAT site.

    C ya!

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