AMOS wifi homemade antenna

This is perhaps one of my best homemade antenna.

I found the original design here:

You can find my construction guide on Brest Wireless website at

My conclusion:


  • Take care of this antenna, I broke the first balun while testing :(
  • and the balun is the hardest part to do

Tests :

  • 13db of gain
  • and a really big beam 120° !
  • the “hot spot” of this antenna is in the middle instead what we usually see in
    omnidirectionnal. So the best height for this antenna is the same as computer.
    And this is a good news.

I usually use a biquad antenna inside my appartement, because my AP is in one corner. Biquad (or patch) offer a performance boost compare to a omnidirectionnal antenna (tested with a 8db doradus). This is mainly due to the reflections with the walls of the room inducted by the omni.

But I need to say that AMOS antenna beat all antennas I tested before in this indoor conditions. It has a larger beam (120°) and a strong front / rear insolation.

The AMOS antenna offer the best parts of the pach / quad and omnidirectionnal antennas for indoor. But take care that vertical angle is not really large so it will perhaps not work for a entire flat :).

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13 thoughts on “AMOS wifi homemade antenna

  1. I don’t have much practical experience yet,but maybe you could make the balun on PCB material.
    I think you would have less problems with breaking , soldering or getting the right lengths ( since every mm counts).

  2. This issue, is that the balun is a 50 Ohms wire, and doing a 50 Ohms piece of PCB isn’t really easy. That’s the main issue..

  3. Hi, can this antenna to operate in some PCS or cellular system, if I modified it?

  4. What is PCS ? For cellular or other stuff, this should work if you tweak the size, but I gonna be a little to big I think

  5. Hello!
    I want to change/adapt this antenna for a more precise channel,
    is there an formula to calculate this?
    Also, i didn’t understand very well the making of "balun",
    are there some bigger photos, more clear schema?
    How about the 9 element one?
    Thank you!

  6. is it possibel to use something other, than copper/aluminium/brass, for the reflector? I think any metal can be used, no?
    and one more question, is RG58 good for WiFi?

  7. You can use every metal you want.. since you can solder it. And No RG58 isn’t really good for wifi. But if you use a small distance, this doesn’t really matter.


  8. Useing TV coax is not a great idea consitering its a 75ohm cable. you will loose all your signal in 2-3 feet.

    And the reflector can be made from almost any metal. Consitering that people have made "cantennas" that utilize a tin can as the houseing for the small (I think its 1.21") antenna, directing it tward the access point in question.

  9. hola a todos soy de peru want someone to help me with the antennas masters because I see many different cases and which choose not to see many grabbing welded to the reflector contact both with the balun and others do not live without contant with reflector alguein see if I can help in that it aagradecere

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