Shuttle ST62K (aka Zen) Fan issue

Like a lot of users, i get an issue with my fan on the Shuttle Xpc. In fact, i found a lot of comments over the net, that Shuttle used some bad fan in this boxes. Some users decide to use the waranty, but i don’t want to send this back to Paris, just to have another crappy fan.

I decided to change it by myself. But finding the right fan is really hard, because it’s 80mn x 80mn x 1.5mn fan. After a long search i decided to go to a tunning shop. (They have a bunch of various CPU fan).. The guy said to me: Ok, No problem. We have a video card fan that can feet .. Oh really a video fan ?

He give me a Zalman ZM-OP1

Despite this fan doesn’t have the exact same caracteristics as the default one, it perform quite the same. And it does even less noise. So i’m really happy :)

Many thanks to the shop: Tuning Informatique (

update: fix the Zalman URL

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30 thoughts on “Shuttle ST62K (aka Zen) Fan issue

  1. Thanks a lot for your suggestion jkx !

    Here in Switzerland is very difficult to find the original, bad, Shuttle fan but I found an excelent distributor for the ZM-OP1 fan : "Brack Electronics AG". They sent to me the Zalman fan in 24 hours!

    It work fine! :-)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion!

    My first Zen (with a Bi-Sonic fan) had the "fan header" issue so I got it replaced with a new one. Unfortunately the new Zen had a loud-as-hell-spinning-at-2800-rpm-all-the-time fan by Adda. I just replaced the fan with a ZM-OP1 and now my Zen is quiet again! :D

  3. Hi,

    it seems that my ST62K fan sings its last song.

    So it’s time to ask:


    Is it really straightforward to replace it by zalman zm-op1? I mean, does it fit perfectly or does it need some tweaking? And does it even come with the right connector?

    Thanks a lot!!


  4. I am having a fan failure as well on my Shuttle ST62K. It looks like it’s the second time because the first time I took the machine to service and they said it was a fan contact problem. My point is: should I change the fan as it is being suggested or I try some tweakening like changing headers from fan 1 to fan 3 (maybe it was done the first time or the changed the old defective fan).
    CPU temperature is over 90° I run the PC with open case, but sometimes it does stop functioning…or I could see the fan moving a bit but not running…

  5. I have just ordered a new fan that the old one started to work again being connected to Fan 3 without Smart fun but just on Full speed. The point is that it started to work at a CPU temperature which is not the tag of 65° at rpm over 4000. So I moved to Smart Fan again and it does not work! I move back to Full and it does not work anymore either…Everything seems random…

  6. Massimo, this is normal in fact. Your fan isn’t totally dead, but only used. It has issue to start so, if you make it run at the full speed, it has a larger current in, so starting is easier. This doesn’t change anything you need to change it anyway. A little trick you can use, simply make Smart Fan starting sooner, I mean set it to 40° or less. By this way, it will run faster, but this is only a trick, soon you will need to run it a full-speed permanent, until it won’t work at all.

    Bye.. where have you found the new fan ?

  7. Enter the bios (press Del at boot), and look in power management / smart fan. you can tweak the values.

  8. Nice suggestion. The Zen ‘Sm@rt Fan’ issue has been effecting my Zen and is much worse now that I’ve dropped a Prescott into it. Setting the BIOS to full is the only way to prevent the intermittent smart fan from letting the CPU hit 87 C!

    Maybe this fan will make the racket bearable (and only $8.99 now at NewEgg)

  9. After a period where my old original FAN had resumed working properly, now it is dead again. I had bought the Zalman ZM-OP1 and I have just connected it but it does not work either. No full speed, no smart fan, no Fan 1 and Fan 3…no way to tweak temperature tag to start at lower temperature than the fixed 65° C°.
    The only thing which works so far is a big fan close to my Shuttle open case…

    Any idea? Thanks!

  10. I guess your ZM-OP1 has an issue. The ZM-OP1 come with a molex adapter (for poeople which use them on a barely PC), simply use this adapter (smart fan won’t work of course) to check if your ZM is Ok or not .

    If you speak french and have a MSN account, leave me a message perhaps I can help.

  11. J’ai simplement essayé de connecter le ZM au Fan 1 mais rien se passe. Tu me dis que je dois mettre renoncer au smart fan dans le BIOS? Je dois configurer quoi?

  12. En fait, essaye de tester ton ZM en le branchant sur l’alim directement en passant par les connecteurs molex fournis avec. (et non la petite prise qui va sur la CM) .. De cette manière tu pourras vérifier si le ZM est ok ou pas.. Bien entendu dans cette config le smart-fan ne marchera pas..

    S’il est Ok, mais quand le branchant sur la CM, ca ne donne rien:
    - soit il y a un pb de cable
    - soit tu as cramé l’alim sur la CM ..

    S’il est pas Ok => retour Ldlc..

  13. Je l’ai branché sur Fan 2 et il marche. Je crois que je vais tester l’ancienne ventilateur sur Fan 2 et voir s’il y a un probleme de header. Est ce que en principe c’est bon brancher le ventilateur sur Fan 2? Un petit rallonge de cable et ça serait resolus….Merci.

  14. Bah, tu peux, mais de mémoire le smart FAN ne fonctionne que sur le Fan 1 et 3 …

    PS: Brancher un ventillo HS (complètement HS, ou les bobines sont en court-circuit) sur un header de CM, peut griller l’électronique connecté au header … ceci-pouvant expliquer cela…

  15. Je n’ai pas compris le PS. HS c’est quoi? Tu te refere aux headers Fan 1 & 3? Pour le smart fan de Fan 2 à la limite je fairais sans pour autant que j’ai un Fan fonctionnat: quels desavantages?

  16. HS: Hors service.

    Il y a 3 headers sur la carte (1,2,et 3) .. de mémoire, le smart-fan n’agit que sur le 1 et 3 (pas sur le 2) du coup, le ventillo n’est plus thermo-régulé => il tourne à fond tout le temps.

    A ++

  17. Here last news:
    The old original fan still works fine conncted to Fan/header 2 (I have just prolonged the cables connections). The smart fan is on and it looks like the fan is turning around 1620-1650 rpm (I have installed Speedfan 4.32 software to monitor it). The CPU temperature is still around 61-62° C so it has not yet triggered any fan speed increase being below the 65° tag in BIOS.

    My question is: how long will it last? Is Fan 2 header reliable?

  18. Here last news:
    The old original fan still works fine conncted to Fan/header 2 (I have just prolonged the cables connections). The smart fan is on and it looks like the fan is turning around 1620-1650 rpm (I have installed Speedfan 4.32 software to monitor it). The CPU temperature is still around 61-62° C so it has not yet triggered any fan speed increase being below the 65° tag in BIOS.

    My question is: how long will it last? Is Fan 2 header reliable?

  19. I usually change the bios setting, to increase the FAN speed far below 65° (around 50) .. ;)

  20. I cannot modify the Bios setting concerning the trigger temperature. It looks fixed. The windows pop up for the change but then it does not seem possible to change (and there is an asterisk next to the temperature line.).

  21. Ok, j’ai reussi à la baisser à 55°…j’avais oublié le NUM LOCK…

    Branché sur Fan 2 le ventillo tourne à 1600 RPM et la temperature est de 63°.
    Si ça dure… mais une fois que le connecteur Fan 2 sera aussi parti il ne me restera probablement que changer la carte mere n’est pas? Bizarre mais en testant encore le Fan 1 et Fan 3 ils ne sont pas mort du tout et le ventillo marche à la fois au demarrage mais pas après… Question de voltage, courte-circuit, etc..?

  22. Oui mais si tu as réglé sur 55° et que tu es à 1600 RPM, ca veut dire que le smart-fan ne marche pas sur connecteur Fan 2 (smart fan n’est actif que sur 1 et 3..) donc attention, en cas de chauffe le ventil ne va pas réguler ..

    Pour info, chez moa CPU=55°, fan à 1600 RPM .. et dès que je dépasse le 55° il passe à 2100 RPM

  23. L’echelle de Smartfun dans le Bios indique une echelle plus douce par degrée qui depasse le trigger et je vois que à 65° je passe à 2000-2100 RPM pour revenire après vers 1600 a 63°.

  24. My fan stopped working a while back. In talking to shuttle they said to try to plug it into a different plug on the motherboard (sorry I don’t know the right technical terms) — there it worked so it wasn’t the fan. They suggested this was cheaper than fixing the motherboard.

    Now, that second power point has gone dead — neither now works. Any ideas?

  25. Hi, Josh. I guess Massimo has the same issue in fact. You blew up the fan driver on the motherboard. So, they ask you to use another plug, and now blew up your second driver. If I remember there is 3 plug on the mother board.. perhaps, the 3th will work.

    But take care your fan. I mean, fan drivers should’nt blow up right this. I’m quite sure, your fan is dead. A dead fan has some issue to start, and usually drew a lot of power from the driver (to start).. => kill the driver.

    If there is no 3th plug, you can plug the fan on the PSU directly with wire that come from a new fan. Of course, smartfan won’t work, but …

  26. Someone I know indicate the voltage of each of the 6 pins power the Shuttle’s XPC ZEN ST62K?? Please!!

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