2*PIII 600 on a dual Asus P2BD

I have for a long time now, a Asus P2BD motherboard with 2 PII 350 on it. After googling a bit, I discover that I can put 2 Katmai PIII at 600Mhz on this board.

I have been looking at eBay for a while, I bought a pair of matched CPUs. Today, I received them. After a bios upgrade, I put the CPU “as is” on the motherboard. In fact, my motherboard haven’t the x 6 jumper settings.. but despite the jumpers settings are totally wrong, the CPUs work at 600Mhz.

Yes, I get 1200 BogoMips for 42 Euros :)

Thanks eBay ! and this faq !

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5 thoughts on “2*PIII 600 on a dual Asus P2BD

  1. I’ve got an ASUS P2B-D running with 2 1GHz FC-PGA Coppermine PIII CPUs using ASUS S370-DL slockets. I think you can go even higher than 1GHz, but its hard to find the CPUs now.

  2. Yes, and I have a really old P2BD rev without vcore setting. So I need some customs sockets that cost ~50$. So this is to much money:

    50$ * 2 + matched CPUs ~ 150$ ..

    Bye Bye

  3. Well i have an Epox 440 Bx with SCSi runs a treat with the SCSi drives now running at 933 * 133 so 7 X on the ratio but it was upgraded from two PIII 600 512`s so if your interested in the 600`s check out Ebay you`ll find them there or if not give me a mail and well chat there matched apart from the fans and they served me well for over 5 years Intel the best



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