My computer burn in hell !

My K7S5A motherboard (w/ a Athlon on) burn on fire last week. I don’t know why, when i come back home (after work), i found a blanc screen, try to reboot but nothing.. Damm

I looked a this closer yesterday.. and yes some chipset on the motherboard have burn .. So i need to buy another one :(

I get a lot of trouble with this computer. 2 video card with broken cooler.. and now a motherboard death. I wondering what to buy right now. I won’t buy another Athlon since i get a couple of issues w/ the heatsink and temperature.

I know a lot of python guru works on MacOS right now, this kind of stuff is to expensive i think? I’m wondering if i should buy another notebook (mine is a bit old to use it for everything..) or by a cool small P4. I read a couple of article about the ST62K. This seems to be kool because it only use 1 cooler, and have a decent video card. A new notebook can be kool to, but the one’s i know you need to choose between power (goot lcd size) and their weight (most do 4/5 Kg .. to bad for a notebook)

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4 thoughts on “My computer burn in hell !

  1. Know what ?
    My Motherboard just burned today, just like yours. It was a MSI K7T etc… Man i’m sooooo sad. I’m tempted by a P4 too ’cause my old Athlon was really hot and noisy.
    Well have a nice day, mine is already fucked up!

  2. get a mac!

    thay are quite expensive,but thay are really nice to use.

    and thay look good.

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