What ‘s wrong w/ Sony Vaio K115S Designers ?

Yes, i get another notebook on my desk. In fact, i buy a Sony Vaio K155S for a uncle. I won’t publish a long post about installing Linux on this, because he will use Windows XP. I spend some hours to install several things: OpenOffice, WinSCP, Mozilla etc etc ..

This notebook run really smoothly, it has great CPU, and video card. Playing RTC, is really fun!

It has been a long time since i played w/ XP. I now i’m remember why i don’t like it. I spend most of the time to ask me: my name, my company and my serial number. And yes, this is too intrusive for me… and I’m wasting my time! Every vendor, want to know everything .. my sex lenght? nobody ? :))

Anyway, despite I found this notebook really kool, I think the design is really bad:

  • Most of users are right hand mouse user? But Sony put the USB pub on left !!
  • Sony put the power supply connector on the right .. so the cable is under the DVD tray …
  • The battery capot sound cheap .. it make noise in fact :(
  • The PCMCIA seems to be cheap too, inserted card aren’t well lock ..

I’m currently writting a Knoppix DVD edition on this stuff to test :)

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