SQLObject on Birthday

First it’s my birthday today (19/12) .. I am 29 years old .. Oh my god and still playing w/ computer like a kid :)

So my playground today was SQLObject. Despite Big (author of Modeling is one of my best friend, and I have been for a long time the only debugger of this stuff (i work with him during 1year), today I decided to try SQLObjet.

And I really enjoyed this game play:) Modeling is far more complex because it use a hard model described in XML. SQLObject is really more fun, adding some row to the db is a piece of cake. Beside i really like the Editing Context used in Modeling ( ripped of EOF and used in MiddleKit too ), SQLObject is more simple and better fit for projet that take care finer to db .. And it is thread safe.

If i have 10 min i will look why the SQLLiteConnection seems buggy. it looks like trouble is in fetchInsterID() ..

Have a nice Birthday Jerome :) and now patch your linux kernel to use the new NetGear your girlfriend give you for the turn.

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