Howto : Change Spotify font size (for 42″ TV display)

I use Spotify for my every day listening, and I decided to use it on a big screen : My 42″ LCD TV. Simply launch Spotify in a one-line .xinitrc script. It fit perfectly in full screen mode without any tweak. But of course nothing is perfect,  we have to live with a very small font on a such big screen. Spotify use a skin for the client app, so changing QT4 fonts doesn’t change anything, we have to fix the skin directly.

So, first step : search the file (in /opt/spotify/spotify-client/Data/ on Debian). Extract the file skin.xml. In this file, search for line like this.

<font ci="FriendsListFont" color="#dddddd" shadow="#333333" size="11" />

So change all font sizes, save the file, re-pack the ressources file .. and Voila. You can fix this manually (or with a special XML editor), but the file contain 245 font definitions. I decided to fix with a Python script.

import xml.etree.ElementTree as xml

tree = xml.parse("./skin.xml")
root = tree.getroot()

for f in root.findall('font'):
	taille = f.get('size')
	if taille:
		taille = int(taille) + 4

file = open("new_skin.xml", 'w')


Let’s try this new skin :  

This should be a easier for the big screen :)

/Enjoy music

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