I’ just discover ikaaro (http://www.ikaaro.org) last night. After a couple of ./configure; make install it seems to work pretty fine. I really need to look at this closer since it use a custom TAL like system that seems to be really faster than original TAL.

Some bugs still remain, i was unable to do cut/paste and there is a bug in guess_contenttype too, but not really a big deal i think.

After looking this a night, the system is really light ( don’t use a couple of CMF products or other things like DC workflow), si it have some limitation but it should be enought to do a good bloging system ( i’m still need to give up about this MT ). but it don’t use reST and this is a bad news.

Another thing that i found usefull is that it use EPoz for html editing and this is pretty kool .

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3 thoughts on “iKaaro

  1. I get a lot of errors just browsing the demo. I don’t see any way to search on metadata either.

    However, it does look good.

  2. Just from browsing the demo, it appears much slower than even Plone, but this could be network-related. It looks nice, but I don’t see what it’s plusses are beyond looks. Could do the same with stock CMF without the weirdness of URLs having semicolons in them to distinguish methods from resources (yeah, let’s throw wrenches at our users who might try typing URLs in).

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