Boosting IR remote video sender (Thomson VS360U)

In my home, I have a bad TV antenna, so we use only the cable receiver to watch TV. But I have two TV sets. I decided to buy a video sender a couple of months ago, but never managed to get it working nicely. I bought a Thomson VS360U video sender. This one is really cheap, 24 €, works on the 2.4Ghz for the audio/video and 433Mhz for remote.

At the first test, I discovered that the transceiver come with a couple of IR leds. I have to glue each IR led in front of each part of your equipment I want to drive. For me, the cable receiver, the DVD, the Dvico, and the AV amp .. I tried this, but that’s a mess, each led is soldered on a single string, and tend to move. Not really a nice experience. This is simple to crappy to be use.

I decided to mod it to be able to use a single IR led, with a better gain. The first step is to find the right place to place my mod. Just open the transceiver, locate the power supply (Vcc/Gnd) and the IR transistor. I was quite easy, the only trick is to solder the wire for the IR transistor just before the base resistor. Here is the result.

You can find a better pix, in the gallery. I used a scope to find the IR transistor, but this can be done without.

Let’s build a simple IR booster, that’s connect to this pins, and everything will be fine. I used an common BC547 but any common transistor will do the job.

The result :

As you can see, this is small. I placed this near my cable receiver and every is working nicely. I can now control every equipment (cable, DVD, Dvico) for my room without any lag, or IR lost signal.

I managed to fix this cheap video sender without to much effort, I’m happy. This kind of hack can be used in a couple video sender device. The hardest part is to find the IR transistor, the rest is simply the same.

Enjoy TV from bed ;)

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2 thoughts on “Boosting IR remote video sender (Thomson VS360U)

  1. I’ve had the same problem and I’m going to implement your design above!

    One question though, in the photo of the IR booster circuit, I can see the IR LED, the transistor, 2x resistors and another component (the orange block) that doesn’t appear on your schematic. What is it and is it needed?

  2. Yes, I missed this one. There is a 100nF capacitor between Vcc and GND. The RF part generate a little noise, and I decided to fix that before testing. Anyways, I’m not sure this is really needed. You can try without it.

    Hope this help ! Bye . Feel free to ask here, for additionnal question

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