Sometimes, live sucks / Somebody with a Nu-Thera in ?

A friend has autist child, and she came a my house last week asking me if I can help her. She want me to buy over the net a B6 vitamin call Nu-Thera. This can sound really strange isn’t it ? Why should use internet to buy this kind of vitamin ?

In fact there is many reasons:

  • The doctor doesn’t seems to know, this stuff. Ok but most of autism forum I found on the net, say that this kind of medecin can provide a huge benefit for this. Look at here
  • There is no distributor in France.. That’s bull-shit !!

So, I decide to buy a 30 day treatment at Kirkmanlabs, everything is ok, I received a recipe. But 1 day after, they send me a email, complaining the credit card number is wrong, and ask me to contact them at the office. Ok fine, but I’m living in France ! I sent 2 emails without any answer.


  • I hate automated email server
  • I hate credit card
  • Why I didn’t check this fucking stuff twice !!

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes, live sucks / Somebody with a Nu-Thera in ?

  1. I might be able to help since I am a french guy lost in texas. I am not sure about what I can do though…

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