Bush and Kerry in a boat ?

The fight just began to be serious. I mean everybody, is looking at this with aingst or fear. Ian just post today, that he doesn’t really enjoy Kerry, because it isn’t perfect for the country.

Here, I don’t really understand all stuffs. Every day there is a flash on TV about US, and something is clear. For me right now, US people don’t come from this planet, human ? really ?

I know this will be a big FUD, again .. but let me explain:

First we saw a report about a country where every man need to bring a gun. (I mean, in the law, they write: ‘Men should have a gun’).

Yesterday, the report is about TV ads for election. I saw ads, that’s say Kerry smoke drugs while army .. or others worst. I ‘m wondering where they left their dignity ? This really piss me off, I fully understand why young people don’t vote. This looks like a election at SouthPark’s school, with wrong arguments, with wrong weapons. In France, we don’t have this kind of shit on TV, and that’s fine. TV isn’t politic, I mean, they don’t support one or other candidate. Fox and CBS, please keep OUT!

And today, the current report is: Bush and Religion. And this is the worst.. frigthening … I don’t know how to write this, here: Some people on my TV set (americans) say that the US governement doesn’t try to end the war between Israel and Palestin, because the ‘old testament’ say that God will be back on earth on the Israel country..

So, yes I understand why some people want to vote for Bush, and others for Kerry. But I really think they both loose, I don’t know the words in english but this country looks (i don’t mean is.. just look) like a sick boat (ala française). So vote for the ‘not so worst’ ? Sade news today.

I want to finish this post with a picture of Mickael Moore, because I’m a big fan of this guy. Yes I know, he is an extremist, but I really think this kind of people is usefull for a democratie, because he try too explain politics for a large number of people, and even if his vision isn’t always the truth. 20 years ago, we have a lot of humorist like him in France, but most of them die…


Before you send me some chirugical weapons, please keep in mind, that my vision is false mainly because I live in France. I only see pictures that french TV want me to see. And my english isn’t good enought to fully explain myself.

Update: While reading this again, I really don’t want to offense anybody. This post isn’t about people but more general.

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6 thoughts on “Bush and Kerry in a boat ?

  1. To be accurate, our Constitution doesn’t say people should have guns, it says the government isn’t allowed to take our guns away. I personally have no guns and probably never will.

    The Israel/Palestine issue just goes to show that Islam isn’t the only religion in the world where the fundamentalists are making a mess for everyone else.

    The biggest problem we in the USA have is the false dichotomy perpetuated by the two big political parties themselves. The "lesser of two evils" argument is not logical but most people fall for it anyways. Me, I am going to vote for a "third party" candidate whom I really believe in rather than wasting my vote on Bush or Kerry because I don’t want either of them in office. Granted, my one vote won’t make a difference, but if enough people vote their convictions instead of their party then things might actually get better.

  2. About guns: yeah, there is country where you must bring a gun (not just allowed) I forget the name, but it’s in Georgia.

    About the religion, you’re absolutly right, but the only ‘issue’, is this is governement, not a religion or another group ..

    In france, politics invents the ‘gauche pluriel’. This is a left politic group where all small group can be. By this way they hold a large number of votes, and every groups can talk. I found this a quite good approach.

    Update 2: I watch Arte, which is a really serious TV channel

  3. "So vote for the ‘not so worst’ "

    Remember the last french presidential election: we had to choose between Chirac and Le Pen. Was it better ?

  4. No it isn’t.. but nobody would seriously vote for Mr Le Pen. (not a lot of people.). This elections show that the french people want to stop w/ the governement, that’s all.

  5. J’ne comprende pas. Je parle francais pas bien.

    Avec Tom Bihn:


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