A new blog in Webware ?

While loosing some time over python blogs, i just found this blog written in Webware.

This sound amaizing since i have already done several things like this, using ww and Modeling but i found that using a RDBDM for a little blog ( < 1000 post) isn’t a good idea. Need a lot of works for DB management, developpement and lot of trouble for migration. In this other side, using plain old fashion text file isn’t a good way too since you can’t introduce feature easily .. and writing text file need a lot of work to take care about author and date and so on..

I finally conclude the best way to have something that is usefull ( as a long time process ) it to have a ‘object oriented’ store backend. So i choose ZODB, but MetaKit can be a good challenger too.

Another thing that i found usefull in Zope, is the handly of URL. I don’t need to scratch my hairs playing w/ Apache Rewrite Rules .. and other stuff. I read recently that Webware is to be rewriten.. I hope the dev team will tray to fix this in webware too.

I really think that it should be possible to declare some kind of URL to be handled by a certain Webware Servlet. Perhaps using the same type <=> class mapping as Zope do.. This can of course done w/ Apache Rewrite but i don’t find this really nice, having to tweak apache config while i’m developping is awfull for me. ( Even using apache is a bit crudy for me ..)

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4 thoughts on “A new blog in Webware ?

  1. Webware in CVS (or Standalone WebKit) has hooks for doing all sorts of URL manipulation and mapping.  Look in URLParser.py, especially at parseInit.  It’s not terribly well documented right now, but the docstrings give some info.

  2. Great this is good news… I haven’t use Webware for a long time right now, since it works fine at work.( building a omniORB  Web gateway ) and because I used Zope for the last developpement. Mainly because, I want to have a nice URL handling and i don’t want to play w/ medusa or twisted directly.

  3. Webware in CVS (or Standalone WebKit) has hooks for doing all sorts of URL manipulation and mapping.

    speaking of which… anyone know when we’re going to see a new release of webware?  it’s been over a year and i frequently hear “in CVS it has…” 

    i’ve done work with java servlets, but i’m too new to python and webware to use non-release stuff for my webapps.

  4. Unfortunately the blog has changed to some different software and the software itself also vanished without a trace…

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