Webware Wiki: The anti-product

This is more a provocation for Ian, than a real post.

While looking for a good python wiki, i found http://wiki.w4py.org/thiswiki.html (wiki.Webware) really interesting. And once again this is webware so :

  • you don’t have a tgz .. but a direct fight with Subversion
  • this is a really little piece of code ..
  • you don’t have any ‘howto install’ ( nor any doc in fact)
  • it use the LoginKit which is somewhere i don’t know .. (even the wiki.webware search don’t know this:)
  • the install should be hard for a non-webware-developper because:
  • it came w/ a lib/ folder .. what should i do w/ that ???
  • and a Context .. ?? (why not a wiki/ folder ??)
  • I think I missed the new webware developper guides ..

I don’t want to use something else so .. somebody can help me ?

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One thought on “Webware Wiki: The anti-product

  1. It’s still really actively under development, so I haven’t had a chance to put any of that stuff together.  A tarball wouldn’t really make sense at this point (nor would a release).  LoginKit is in the repository as well.  I guess I should at least put some notes on how your working directory should be set up, since that’s not in the repository….

    Anyway, I just added (short) installation instructions, so maybe it’ll get you a little further.

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