Alinéa / First Post

Ok .. Let’s start. I talk w/ Phil and Ludo last w-e, about my new blog system, and it seems that they are happy to join my effort to release a keep-it-simple blog system that use Zope as core.

As i have already done some tests this will be pretty kool. We don’t really know how the work will be done, but i know that it will be fast.

Ludo has decided to name it "Alinéa" ( à la francaise ). And i ‘m OK, so let try to write it now.

I hope to have something working in the CVS since 2 weeks.

The only thing that hurt me is that Zope major issue in developpement stage, is that you can’t use it. Explain : If i write some piece of code for my new blog system, i will be unable to use it since the dev is finish, because i don’t respect this, i will have some post w/ old attributes and so on .. and having to write a script to import / export articles right now i out of the scope of the project right now. So i need to still this MT despite i really feel un-happy about it.

So if you are interested about a fairly easy blog system for Zope ( using ZPT / no CMF / no DCWorkflow / no Database / no Custom products / and only Zope Core in .. ) please inform me. I need some feedback about the needs
( Despite i will not follow every idea ) .

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