Projects, i’m working on .. or have

I have been working on several projects for a long time now. My first public project was MP3SB in 1999 (a long time now). Here a short list on my main works


resPyre is network mp3/ogg/wav player written in python and using corba as frontend


boxMon is a monitoring tool for unix based operating system that use :

  • python
  • gnuplot
  • MySQL (currently the only one but this will change soon)
  • a webserver (Apache for example)

Data collecting is done through simple python scripts that are used as plugins in boxMon, in a cron job. With this tool you can monitor as many host as you want and store the data in a single database.


Alinea is a little blog system (which is used here). There is no public release yet. But stay tuned :)

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