Linksys WMP54g / Linux GPL Drivers

On post on slashdot i just discover that the ndiswrapper is released under GPL. and seems to support my cards :)

Pretty fine since, it’s time for me to purchase the driver from LinuxAnt.

Ok I will give it a try soon …

( important note : it should support intel centrino too :)

You can off course use the linuxant one

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8 thoughts on “Linksys WMP54g / Linux GPL Drivers

  1. ndiswrapper are under GPL but they are not native..
    So it’s working but it’s not kewl :/

  2. I’m using it with a 2.4 kernel. My advice, do not use the Broadcom drivers listed on the ndiswrapper home page with the WMP54G. I spent a couple days trying in vain to get them to work. Use the drivers on the CD that comes with the WMP54G.

  3. does anyone have got any problem setting the WMP 54g up with iwfconfig?
    It seems that it just don’t listens:
    i set it to my own wireless network , name ,key ,…
    doesn’t change a thing when i look whith iwconfig
    i used ndiswrapper on kanotix whith the inf file from the cd.

  4. Yes, everything looks okay but the Access Point, when I run ‘iwconfig’ just shows 00:00:00:00:00:00
    Very frustrating, since driver and hardware are present…

    I need to make a small correction about the wireless antenna addon.
    It isnt 2 Gigaherts to 6 Gigaherts the correct values are.

    2 Gigaherts to 11 Gigaherts.

    The product is:

    LPY26 – Logi Log Periodic PCB Antenna 2.1-11.0 Ghz, Factory Assembled & Tested

    –THYAST Novell SuSE Linux Engineer

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