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Once again, Ian wrote a nice article on status notification :

And once again, he’s right. But it’s a bit hard to integrate nicely in IHM cause they need sessions or HTTP_POST to disable caching trouble and fixed URL reload. And session aren’t a piece of cookies in Zope. ( as in webare for exemple )

Ho.. i missed to say that i switched to ion too on my notebook, this is pretty hard to use and got a lot of trouble w/ "screen" and frame resizing.

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2 thoughts on “Portal Messages

  1. I should have noted that Ion can be very hard to use unless you go through the key bindings, and probably redefine them in some way that makes sense to you.  It could really use some mousable controls, at least for when you’re getting used to it.

  2. Of course i use the key binding, but i get trouble with:

    - using the default one ( i haven’t the time to tweak this right now )

    - the uxterm ( default xterm ) have a broken unicode support ( éà ? ) ( guess what i’m french )

    - i need to tweak WMCLASS and other stuff to have right placement ( having for example xmms playlist in the same frame as the xmms player is awfull for example ) .

    Anyway, i feel happy w/ ion beside i need to tweak it for my need as the default setting are a bit hard to use.

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