Gkrellm Theme : Invisible by Jkx

I’m using Gkrellm for a long time now (perhaps 5 or more years). The main issue with Gkrellm is that theme aren’t really fresh anymore. So I tweaked some to feet with my needs.

As you can see on the screen-shot this theme is a transparent one, with a blue and violet krells

You can download it here : gkrellm-themes-invisible-jkx

/ Enjoy the dark side of the desktop :)

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21 thoughts on “Gkrellm Theme : Invisible by Jkx

  1. Thanks for the updated theme! I am also a fan of the “invisible” theme but your colors make it a lot easier on the eye!


  2. Nice theme. Thanks. The current gkrell themes on the gkrell theme website not only suck, they are fucking pathetic if you ask me. I was about to bust out photoshop and create a new one until I found this invisible one.

    I will still have to bust out photoshop and create a new ghome theme though. The current gnome themes are pretty lame too. Look and feel is one area where the Linux Desktop needs a serious makeover in my opinion.


  3. Great work. I have been using gkrellm and the invisible theme for as many years as you but must admit that the color update quite welcome! :) At my work I am using Windows and to my great pleasure I have recently found a Windows port of gkrellm: http://www.srcbox.net/projects/gkrellm/

    Another program which as essential as gkrellm to me is yakuake:
    A dropdown console – I though you my be interested as well.

    Kind regards
    Thomas Jansson

  4. Nice! I still have a thin black border around gkrellm, is it normal or is there a way to avoid it? Thanks!

  5. There is no black border in the theme. I think you should look at your window manager configuration.

  6. The invisible theme is not invisible anymore. It just displays pretty much like (slightly different) default theme. This suddenly happened today after I rebooted. I must have installed a bunch of things. Did something happen with the gkrellm and/or Xorg and/or KDE? what X feature is required for it to show the desktop background?

  7. Very good theme, works great with icewm.
    Can it be made transparent when using kde4??

    Thanks for any info.

  8. Was using the original invisible but now with Lucid’s purple theme, this one really matches it well.

  9. I’m fan of gkrellm, gkrellmd and the invisible theme for years now, and your update is warmly welcomed :) quite better on my fluxbox desktop
    thanks for the good job

  10. Always delete the theme when reinstall linux, always come here to download again. Thanks man

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