How to re-install WoW without wasting your time

Everybody knows that I’ used to play WoW ..ok, not really, but this is a simple tips for people who have crashed their Windows XP install or changed their harddrive (like me). Don’t waste your time to do a fresh install, just use a copy.

(C:=> main drive (new one) / E:=> backup drive )

First: copy the E:Program FilesWorld of Warcraft to C:Program Files

Next, do the same with C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\Blizzard Entertainment

After that, you must run “WoW.exe”. (Don’t use the Launcher, it will ask you where WoW.exe is..) After this dry run, you can now run the “Launcher.exe” as usual :)

Final step, put a link on you desktop to “Launcher.exe”. Don’t forget always use Launcher.exe cause this program do the auto-update.

Update : I use a french XP install, so the path is translated in french. The right path is \Program Files\Common Files\ ..

Enjoy WoW

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