Dell Truemobile (D400/D410/D600..) wifi driver on Linux (BCM4309)

It’s time to get quit ndiswrapper to use something little more open. I decided to test the latest Broadcom bcm43xx driver on my Debian system. This seems to work fine, and is really simple to install (unlike ndiswrapper)

So, first build your kernel > 2.6.17) (I used a 2.6.19) with support for the bcm43xx enabled. “Device Driver/Network support/Wireless”. The next step is a little shorter, simply install bcm43xx-fwcutter (via apt-get of course). This will ask you if you want to download the required firmware, and of course you will answer yes.

Now, is time to reboot, and discover the results:

bcm43xx: Chip ID 0x4306, rev 0x3
bcm43xx: Number of cores: 5
bcm43xx: Core 0: ID 0x800, rev 0x4, vendor 0x4243, enabled
bcm43xx: Core 1: ID 0x812, rev 0x5, vendor 0x4243, disabled
bcm43xx: Core 2: ID 0x80d, rev 0x2, vendor 0x4243, enabled
bcm43xx: Core 3: ID 0x807, rev 0x2, vendor 0x4243, disabled
bcm43xx: Core 4: ID 0x804, rev 0x9, vendor 0x4243, enabled
bcm43xx: PHY connected
bcm43xx: Detected PHY: Version: 2, Type 2, Revision 2
bcm43xx: Detected Radio: ID: 2205017f (Manuf: 17f Ver: 2050 Rev: 2)
bcm43xx: PHY connected
bcm43xx: Microcode rev 0x127, pl 0xe (2005-04-18  02:36:27)
bcm43xx: Radio turned on
bcm43xx: Chip initialized
bcm43xx: 30-bit DMA initialized
bcm43xx: Keys cleared
bcm43xx: Selected 802.11 core (phytype 2)

Fine no ? this works really fine right now, but I need to do some extended check before.

Enjoy FakeMobile

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