Howto transform a NetGear WG311 into a Atheros Mini-PCI wireless card

I was looking for a atheros mini-pci for a while. I want to remove the broadcom from my laptop. You can find some mini-pci wireless card in special shop, but they’re a little pricey.

A week ago, a friend give me a WG311 (FS version I think). After 1 min, I decide to remove the metal stuff of this PCI card. And, I discover this:

This looks like a Atheros mini-pci no ? Ok, it’s time to unsolder no ?

Take 2 seconds, a good iron and that’s it. You have now, a nice Atheros mini-pci.

The only issue: This card has only one antenna connector, but this don’t really matter in fact, I think.

Bye ..

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7 thoughts on “Howto transform a NetGear WG311 into a Atheros Mini-PCI wireless card

  1. I think it would be possible to add a second antenna, as the pins for the second antenna are located directly beneeth the pins for the first antenna on the PCB. I think you just need to solder a new U.FL antenna jack onto the pins and you can use it as a twin antenna card.

  2. hi
    i tryed that and i almost buirnt my laptop
    be sure its not more than 150mwatts power

    as my lap top started to smoke as soon as i installed it and restarted it….i emediatly switched it off and diconnected it

    be carefull of what you wish

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