Alternative Firmware for the WRT54GS

Ok, yes, I bought a new WRT54GS, this works quite fine. I ‘m able to do what i want with that stuff. I will explain in a future post how to use this stuff in a secure way without using WEP.

Here is the list of firmware to use on this little box:

  • The Official one (pretty nice, but doesn’t allow telnet over device )
  • Sveasoft (the infamous weaked GPL one)
  • EWRT (sveasoft + nocat -> hotspot)
  • Wifi-box (hum not tested yet)
  • openWRT (minimal setup without http)
  • MeshBoxKit (openWRT + OLSR, special for Meshing)

Look at Seattle wiki on WRT for more infos. Do you use another one ?

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3 thoughts on “Alternative Firmware for the WRT54GS

  1. Ok, after some large tests .. openWRT is simply the best. The main reason, is that it allow the user to hack on the filesystem directly. So hacking the firewall is a simply trick .. and you can hack the network interface too.

    For example i use this kind of stuff:

    • WAN is ( thought a dhcp on my network)
    • WLAN is bound to 192.168.2.X .. and i hacked the dnsmasq to allow dhcp in this network.
    • I hacked the FW to allow full access from the wired to wifi, and restrict the wifi to wired. (I don’t want my wifi users to hack my network ! )

    I guess this config is not the best for everyone .. but this is simple and secure. Perhaps i need to hack the bridge a little more .. to have something like this:

    • Ether and Wifi on different subnets (from the AP)
    • use the WAN to bridge the wifi .. (to sniff for example)..

    And last point, I installed php on this little box.. This is pretty cool !

    openWRT is really a great stuff

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