Linux Kernel Hackers remove the Philips USB Webcam support

Everybody hate binary kernel module: that’s clear, but sometimes that the only way to use some hardware.

This is really a bad news to all webcam users: USB kernel hackers decide to patch PWC kernel driver to avoid the use of the extended kernel module which is binary only. Check out this for more infos.

update: read this thread. Why Philips doesn’t provide spec ?

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5 thoughts on “Linux Kernel Hackers remove the Philips USB Webcam support

  1. The main problem is the boneheadedness of the modul maintainer. Sorry, but he explicitely states that he won’t do his module as a kernel-external module. Even though that’s standard for many stuff that supports special hardware on linux when you can’t get full open source drivers. And his "so now I delete everything and the kitchen sink and you are all poor people because you can’t use my cool module any more, bah bah bah" is just childish.

    Hopefully someone with a bigger grasp of Open Source and how to do something delicate like supporting a part-binary kernel module will jump in and take what was in older kernels and maintains it just as a out-of-kernel distributed module.

  2. The only trouble is that this only i know, who have sign a NDA w/ philipps on the compression algorihtm. So nobody else right now, can re-write this module..

  3. Ok this take only 2 days to have another driver for this webcams..
    Check out here for more infos (in french)

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