Blog post / Mutt IMAP Cache Vs Courier-Cone ?

The thing every blogger likes: Comments ? No ? Really ?

Anyways, i just added a RSS comment Feed to this blog. (No I won’t put the url somewhere since NewsAggregators eat a bunch of bandwith only to see nobody post, i will only give it to friends .. :)

But, this is not the main stuff, while browsing this RSS feed i discover one interesting comment about Mutt and IMAP cache. I now use courier-cone (no-url-yet) and it pretty cool and happy w/ IMAP. I like the IMAP Adressbook system which is really pleasant to use. Anyway check out this post if you want to test the new imap cache for mutt, and thanks Glanzmann for the post :)

For lazy readers the patch is here

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