Securing courier-imap

I spent part of the day to install a virtual mail server, and i discover that there is a really simple way to secure courier-imap. By defaut when you use this kind of server the auth is made against the standard pam module. This is really simple, but what happend if someone is able to read your imap password. Yes he get the account password.

Courier imap can do the auth against a lot of stuff. Simply change the authmodulelist=authpam to authmodulelist=authuserdb. This will use the file /etc/courier/userdb.

userdb "username" set home=/home/username
                      uid=UID gid=GID
userdbpw | userdb "username" set imappw

So now you can use a different password for your account and your imap, and you can choose who can access to imap server.

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2 thoughts on “Securing courier-imap

  1. Oh, you can use the same for virtual pop server :) The only thing is that you should use ‘systempw’ instead of imappw. In fact, using imappw isn’t really a good idea.

    Enjoy :)

  2. The problem I have is that login details are sent as clear text. Not good…
    cram-md5 should solve it but I can’t get it to work yet.

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