SpamBayes server compliant w/ spamassassin

I’m using spambayes for a long time now. But when i decide to install it for all the curent users of my setup (w/ some virtual domains..), i just discover that spambayes don’t have a system-wide deamon like spamassasin (spamd).

So the first try:

  • install spamassassin :) .. This mail filtering is just a bulshit ! Even w/ the training done on a mail, it achieve to deliver it as ‘unsure spam’ !!
  • put spamassin away .. but keep piece :)

I first decided to write another client / server for spambayes. but looking at all the stuff writen in spamc (spamassassin client) i discover i will need a lot of nights (i’m not a C guru . even if the little try i wrote works perferctly )

Nice try, but why i shouldn’t simply write a server that use spamc as client ? .. could be really easy and efficient too (spamc is really efficient) ..

i just finish to write this and submit to the dev list

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4 thoughts on “SpamBayes server compliant w/ spamassassin

  1. I’m using the “” command instead of starting a pop3 proxy. That way I can implement a white list before spambayes has a crack at it, and my database is unique for each user.

    My .spambayesrc:


    persistent_use_database = False

    persistent_storage_file = ~/.spambayes_database.pck


  2. Please run the thread until the end. You will discover severall things:

    - have some drawback, and should be replaced w/ sb_bn[filter|server].

    - my piece of code can be hacked to support ~/.spambayesrc parsing too. This is just a mather of implementation

  3. Wow, this is really cool, I was searching for something like this.

    Can you please explain your setup a little bit more? How do you do the training? Which parameters do you use when calling spamc? I’m currently running spamc like this:

    spamc -u $USER@$HOST -U /tmp/spamd.sock


  4. I run spamc like that :

    - spamc -u $USER -U /tmp/spamd.sock

    - or spamc -u $USER -d ip -p port

    (default ip = localhost -p = 1783)

    The training is done throught a cron. I put a HAM in each Maildir folder, wrong classified mail should be put by users in.

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