Time for stats: One python coder is a spammer too !

So after 102 posts on this blog: it’s time to look at the stats.


  • 2/3 days off downtime
  • 102 posts
  • 65 comments in the ‘I want SPAM’ post
  • 1500 hits per day
  • +200 hits per month since the start
  • 35% of hits are RSS feed reader
  • main traffic come from google
  • main keywords are wifi oriented (perhaps because I use to try strange wifi drivers)
  • i have been ‘Python DailyEd’ 3 times !! (and believe me, it drives a lot of traffic)
  • I have been massively spammed 2 times (same day i was in the Daily Py)
  • I’m only in one blogroll (Ian’s one.. and i’m very proud of)
  • I give up french post since nobody read them (except my Finix friends)
  • most of the posts are python or web oriented (despite i haven’t found a google keyword that match :)

So, to conclude:

  • Many users reading this blog want spam and get trouble w/ wifi cards
  • Many python coders read the Daily Py :)
  • One python coder is a spammer too / perhaps Guido should remove email.py ?
  • I need to add a true blogroll here (even if i only put Ian in:)

– Many thanks readers / and writers ( except you.. the spammer)

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One thought on “Time for stats: One python coder is a spammer too !

  1. Ho i miss, SPAMed 3 times.. (last is yesterday). For Alinea, i will add a hidden cookie to avoid this kind of hack.

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