P2P filesystem

Yesterday i dreamed about a P2P filesystem. I found AVFS, a virtual file system, that enable the use of normal file like .tar.gz as normal file system. You can cd in and edit files like they are on the fs. And now i’ wondering how it will be to use bitorent and a Fuse python binding (fuse is a part of AVFS), to do something like this. At Finix (french Lug), there is a some community and sharing file between us is a bit paintfull. We need to put it somewhere and send a email over the list, as files are usually big (mainly photos collections), we can’t put it on ADSL. (making a host unreachable to since the 30 members download the file is not a good way. And doing something like cd /mnt/finix/ to access the shared space will be really great. Of course this won’t work for M$ users but we are a Lug so we don’t use M$ :)

Of course we can to this w/ python-LUFS to, but i find fuse more stable and easy to use .. so anybody want to give it a try ? Is there some cheap bounties (i don’t have a lot of bulks, but i can pay a little for the fuse python binding..)

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3 thoughts on “P2P filesystem

  1. Today, I thought about a P2P filesystem and asked Google if anybody thought about before. The first result was this page. I think other results do not actually talk about a "P2P filesystem".

    Yes, I want to design and implement one. Do you have any suggestions or anything else?

  2. I’m in the process of implementing a python/fuse based distributed p2p filesystem. It’s similar to current distributed filesystems except that individual users choose which files they serve from their computers by trying to access those files and hence downloading them. ie the more users try to access a file the easier it becomes for other users to access it. The difficulty then becomes trying to keep the lookup algorithm logarithmic or better in it’s complexity, but I think I’ve got a way around it. If you’d like, I could send you the source when/if it ever gets to a usable stage.


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