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So now, it get to much hits to keep this website on my ADSL line. I don’t want to block users while i’m downloading files (have you try the last Unreal Tournament ?) with bitorent. As i’m searching for something cheap, and enable to host some python (and w/ ssh acces will be wonderfull) i run into trouble. There is a lot hoster in the place, but having python is another thing. And look for webware is really a pitty. So i decided to rent a dedicated server, but this isn’t really cheap. After looking on other weblogs i discover that some of you use ‘a virtula server’. This things is just a User Mode Linux that run on a remote host, so can have root access do want you want without to much pain (no install fee, not so expensive..). So let’s go .. I have a lot os things to put on the new server, but it has a good bandwith and cost only 15Euro / months for a 128Mo ram / 4 Go disk space. Alinea is not ready for the migration, but i guess i will do that quikly ..

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7 thoughts on “Cheap python hosting

  1. While i trying to install this on the new virtual host, i discover a bug in DBD/DBI installation (requirement) with sqlite, so i need to turn back on this host :(

    You know what ? i hate MT !

    (i really enjoy the install process the first time i use it, but right now it’s hard to maintain)

  2. Yes i know python hosting. But in fact w/ redwood UML i got the same, + lot of more for the same price so.

  3. Did you actually decide to go with redmond UML? If so how is it working out?

  4. I now use the Redwood UML, right, except for this site because this one use perl, and the current redwood perl install isn’t working w/ MT. That’s the trouble. But i’m currently working on another system which should work nicely w/ redwood stuff

  5. I am a python evangelist and I have two dedicated servers ( in Green Bay WI USA, San Antonio TX USA). I run mod_python, webware, cheetah, and I’ll install just about any python module you ask for. 

    US$12.95/mo for basic package.

    p.s. In my experience, virtual dedicated servers are more trouble than they are worth. Good real dedicated servers are too cheap. Form a co-op with four or five buddies if you really can’t swing $99/mo.

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