DNS and Localisation w/ Python

This post load testing BIND using dnspython and queryperf is a nice post about the use of dnspython module. There is a bunch of dns module right now adns and other.. but this one looks kool since it can read zone file directly .. the best thing would be to do the reverse .. building db file w hand is painfull you know .. what do you use to do this ?

Another pretty kool stuff is ip2cc, which do some dns query to find in which country the ip come from. Not really usefull but really funny :)

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2 thoughts on “DNS and Localisation w/ Python

  1. dig domainname.com ?  Well, it’s a start.  I’ve used Cheetah templates for building the zone files.  I find Cheetah works very nicely for static files.

    There’s a set of scripts for setting up virtual hosts somewhere out there that uses Python and I think Cheetah, and I believe it does postfix, bind, and apache configuration.  I’ve forgotten the name… it’s probably on Freshmeat somewhere.

  2. ip2cc doesn’t use DSN at all, but creates and uses local cache according to registrar’s snapshoots.

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