SupyBot (SupyBot) is the coolest ircbot written in python, that i’ ever used. After 3 years of good work with eggdrop, it’s time to use something more userfriendly and python based.

This is a short introduction to use it:

  • download and install it (python install) as usual
  • run the supybot-wizard to build your own bot script
  • call supy-adduser script to add you as a user of the bot, don’t forget to add the ‘owner’ capabiliy.
  • run the bot.

Some usefull commands:

  • @ / msg : to send a command to the bot, simply post @dummy_command or send it to bot directly (/msg)
  • to load a plugin: @load plugin_name
  • to identify yourself (users are in conf/users.conf) /msg bot identify login password
  • @list : list (w/o argument) will return the plugin list
  • @list Plugin; will give you function of the plugin
  • @help plugin ../ @apropos: give help about commands.
  • @services getops: ask the op for the bot at chanserv

How auto-op works:

The main purpose of an ircbot is to give op right at the user join. To do this you need to:

  • @enforcer config auto-op true : ask the ircbot to do auto-op
  • add the capabily ‘auto-op’ to the user: @addcapabilty login auto-op
  • Now when the user identity himself, he will be oped by the bot
  • the next step is to play w/ hostmasks to avoid the need of identify
    call @hostmasks login to see the hostmasks for a user / and add/delhostmasks to set masks need to do this. for exemple: addhostmask jkx ‘soif!~soif@*

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3 thoughts on “SupyBot

  1. Yeah, i think supybot is quickly coming the de-facto fully featured IRC bot out there. It also seems to be quite straight-forward to code your own plugins (if it’s missing a feature that you want)

  2. hi, just getting into this bot, having trouble with ownership

    call supy-adduser

    supy-adduser: command not found

    can’t see any script in the botdir

    how do I call it?

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