Slow bridging the Wifi

In fact, i’m trying to turn my Wifi gateway (which is really a gateway 2 interfaces + masquerading ) in a transparent bridge. You know only have a single IP for the two interfaces, so going on the wired networks and back won’t be masquerade. In fact until now i can’t access to the Wifi network from the wired one.

So i give it a try to Ethernet Kernel Bridging:

# unsetting devices
ifconfig eth0
ifconfig eth1

# adding bridge / and ifaces
brctl addbr br0
brctl addif eth0
brctl addif eth1

# configure the bridge
ifconfig br0
route add default gw

Besides it’s works .. connecting to the wired from the wifi with ips in the same network. it’s slowww.. really tooo slow.

I need to look at this.

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