Python blackhat tools ?

Yesterday, somebody send me a link to some really interesting slides: Silver Needle in the Skype. This really impress me, how much energy Skype spent to hide his code, and protect their buisness. But on the other side, the work done to dissect the binary and the protocols is even more surprising. (What a great job !!)

I have to admit that I used Python for quite everything, and that I’ve ever done some strange stuff with it (a IPTV packet scrapper, firewall shapping .. ) but this guys
pushed the limit far beyong from what I’m seeing like usual python use. And the best part: they wrote some powerfull tools ( and use them to “debug skype”), and publish them.

Look at here, you will find a bunch of really backhat python tools written by the Secdev team.


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One thought on “Python blackhat tools ?

  1. It’s surely one of the presentations of the year, and would probably make a great EuroPython talk, too. A fine achievement!

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