Arpwatch on WRT54G

While running my access point in public mode, i want to know when people log in. This can be a good way to find intruders too, but not my purpose.
I decided to run arpwatch on my linksys access point, but this is not so easy ..

1) Mail

First you need to have sendmail on the WRT. So install mini_sendmail. Add a file /usr/sbin/sendmail that contains:

/usr/sbin/mini_sendmail -t -sIP_of_your_mail_relay

Check that it ‘s working..

2) Arpwatch

Run arpwatch on the WRT throught this script:

IFNAME=$(nvram get wifi_ifname)

case $1 in
touch /tmp/arpwatch.dat
arpwatch -f /tmp/arpwatch.dat -i $IFNAME
killall arpwatch
echo "usage: $0 (start|stop)"
exit 1

exit $?

3) Check

Wait a bit, connect to your wifi, look at your email on the gateway. (root@gw) you will see something like this:

Subject: new station

hostname: <unknown>
ip address:
ethernet address: 0:f:66:c7:b5:b1
ethernet vendor: <unknown>
timestamp: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 14:34:01 +0000

Enjoy :)

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3 thoughts on “Arpwatch on WRT54G

  1. Hello,

    on some firmware you have the problem that you cannot write to e.g /usr/sbin. then you have to configure arpwatch in a better way.


  2. On what firmware ? Sveasoft ? This firmware sucks anyway …

    Perhaps some OpenWRT/squashfs has this kind of issue, but they is surely a way to install arpwatch on this too.

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