OpenWRT Admin Tool in PHP

In a recent post, i described the build of Python for a WRT. I didn’t manage to finish this hack. So I decided to use a PHP interface. Here the first screenshot

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9 thoughts on “OpenWRT Admin Tool in PHP

  1. Do you have any documentation on the steps you took to get PHP running under OpenWRT? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Not yet. In fact i’m working on another system to configure the WRT.

    – Stay tuned, this will append soon

  3. i went to the above link but couldn’t find the php configuration for openwrt. Also does that php has all the major functions. The one i am concerned about is mail function.
    Your help would be appreciated.

  4. Hello, this is a very old entry, but I happen to be looking for an openwrt admin tool in PHP! Do you have any updates? Thanks. :)

  5. I stop to work on this a couple of years ago. At that time, I wish linksys produce WRT with more RAM/ROM, but this never become real …

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