Convert Realaudio stream to wav / mp3 on linux

I really enjoy to listen radio. Most of the radio use Realaudio stream. On Un*x, you usually can use realplayer. Now i want to convert this stream to mp3 in order to listen it on my mp3 player.


  • First down the .ram file
  • open it to find the rtsp url (something like rtsp://XXXX/stream.rm)
  • ask mplayer to encode it in wav
  • next transform it to mp3 (with lame)
mplayer -cache 10 -ao pcm -aofile stream.wav  rtsp://XXXX/stream.rm
lame stream.wav

I wrote a little script to do this directly look at realRip for more informations. To use it simply call “ stream.ram” or “ http://XXXX/stream.ram” (it will download the ram file and parse it..)

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11 thoughts on “Convert Realaudio stream to wav / mp3 on linux

  1. Since wav files occupy quite some space, a better method to convert a real audio file would be the following:

    # mkfifo stream.wav

    # mplayer mplayer -ao pcm:file=stream.wav rtsp://XXXX/stream.rm &

    # lame stream.wav

    # rm stream.wav

    mkfifo create a socalled ‘named pipe’ (see for a tutorial). mplayer writes to that pipe while lame (at the same time) reads from it and encodes the file on the fly.

  2. you now can simply use ffmpeg:

    ffmpeg -i input.rm output.wav


    ffmpeg -i input.rm output.mp3 ( you must install LAME)

  3. Hi, I found an archive of an old radio show I want to listen to, but it’s only available in “.smil” . These streams are playable in Real Player, but extremely slow to load. I’d like to convert these to .mp3.

    Any suggestions?


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