Alinea 2

Ok let’s go. I’m working on Alinea2 right now. Alinea is the stuff that power this website and others. I’ll hope to get it working quickly.

Beside, this is a big work.. I loose my time with CSS hacking right now ! I guess I should stop this but .. i don’t.

from AlineaLib import motivation

Let’s go :)

You can find the whole stuff on PythonFr SVN.

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9 thoughts on “Alinea 2

  1. Hum .. Phil say that.. the current version is .3 not .2 … strange I missed something ?

  2. I changed the banner image and put this on 3 columns .. fine for big screen.

    Enjoy CSS :)
  3. Alinea Story:

    • Alinea 1 : Zope
    • Alinea 2 : Webware
    • Alinea 3 : Quixote
    • Alinea n : WhatEverWillBeNewAndFun


  4. i don’t really know how to explain but i’ll try :)

    Alinéa is a french word to symbolize a kind of sub-paragrah. Often used in official texts, laws, … example : "cf paragraph 4 page 456 alinéa 4"

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