Twisted in EndUserLand

As nobody notice that, the new apt-proxy use python (not perl as the old one). This is really a good news because i love Python and the new apt-proxy has some better performance than the oldest perlish one. The key value here is the Twisted Matrix framework, now apt-proxy can download multiple .deb at the time without a bunch of process or other weakness. This is a great new for debian users but specially for twisted developper because i think it’s the first end-user app that use twisted (not speaking about webserver of other developpers geeky stuffs).

– Nobody for a twisted bittorrent server ? This would save a bunch of CPU cycles too !

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2 thoughts on “Twisted in EndUserLand

  1. Hum, is shtoom or infogreater a real end-user ? For me the real apps are apps that meet customers :)

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